The fact that you want to raft down Nepal’s challenging rivers means that you want to be experienced of natural beauty of Nepal. Many raft able rivers in Nepal meander between canyons, villages, and virgin forests, wildlife, like needle through thread, weaving the country’s rich tapestry of ethno-culture and bio-diversity.
Originating in the bowels of the Himalayas, the rivers flow across the length and breadth of Nepal and neighboring India before emptying mostly into the bay of Bengal.Rafting is inarguably the best way of exploring Arcadian Nepal. The water offers something to everybody: from grade 5-5+ rivers with many raging white water rapids for the brave and the adventurous, to grade 2-3 rivers with a few rapids for the laid-back type. The beautiful thing is that just about anybody, whether old or very young, can raft. Moreover, it can either be a two-week trip or a 1 to 2-3 day trip, you decide. October through mid-December and March through early may are the best times. It is possible in winter and monsoon, but only in few rivers. Here are some famous rivers: 
Karnali ( grade 4 – 5)
Sunkoshi ( grade 4 – 5)
Trishuli ( grade 3+)
Kaligandaki ( grade 5 -5+)
Bhotekoshi ( grade 4 – 5)
Marsyangdi ( grade 5 -5+)
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