Until now, tourism in Nepal has meant city based sightseeing or days, or even weeks, of strenuous trekking but now there is an alternative. If you like to visit a peace, clean and quite village………Recognizing the demand for tourism with a strong cultural base that is accessible to all, Nepal Village Resorts are offering visitors the opportunity to share the traditional lifestyle of village people from all sectors of Nepali culture. That is Sirubari Village.
An Introduction of the village :
Sirubari village is a totally unspoiled Gurung settlement set in the hills at an altitude of 1700 metros above sea level. The climate is ideal at any time during the September to June season with warm days and cool nights. The village is a short drive and walk from Pokhara, the major tourist center for the Annapurna region. It is reached from the road to Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha. You will be welcomed into the community and invited to stay in the home of one of the village families. The accommodation is simple but comfortable with good bedding and clean toilet facilities. The food is delicious and you will be eating as one of the family. Each night there will be entertainment provided by the community. This will be in the form of traditional Gurung and Nepali dancing and singing, you can join on it if you like! 
As the locals are all Buddhist, the village gompa, a simple but beautiful temple, will be a feature of your stay. There will be the chance to get a blessing from the resident lama before you leave. 
Just because you are not trekking it doesn’t mean that you won’t see the mountains. An easy walk above the village is a viewpoint at Thumro. At 2300 metros this is the highest point south of Pokhara and the views on a clear day are spectacular.
Spread before you are rolling foothills dotted with isolated farming communities and crowned by an array of snow peaks that will leave you breathless. From Langtang in the east, through Machhapuchare and the Annapurnas and around to Dhaulagiri the Himalayan giants all line up for your camera to capture.
During your stay you will be able to feel what it is like to live the life of a Nepali villager. Walk with your family while they go about their daily chores, tending animals, tilling the fields, going to school with the children, or just sitting in the sun talking to neighbors. 
Feel free to wander, safely, by yourself and look at all of the developments that the community have supported and funded; the primary health center with it's’ doctor, the agricultural service center, the veterinary hospital, the plant nursery and forest plantation. The list goes on.
And, at the end of your stay, you will be overwhelmed by the farewell that your new family will give you. If you never come this way again the village and its people will remain in your heart forever.
The guests are taken to unspoiled villages where they spend a few days living with the local people and being treated as honored family guests. While staying in the villages, guests enjoy comfortable accommodation, delicious local food and drink and a welcome that will remain a happy memory for a lifetime. While they are with us our guests can rest assured that they are always in a secure and safe environment.
Local attractions, both scenic and cultural, are shown to our guests by our well trained ethnic guides who always do their utmost to make the guest’s stay a memorable experience. Many of our villages are close to unspoiled natural areas where wildlife may be seen undisturbed. This can be a feature of our packages for special interest groups.
The traditional culture of the different ethnic groups is a highlight of all of our village visits. These warm and friendly people are always ready to perform their music and dance and to give an insight into their religion. Examples of local handicrafts will be on display, and for sale, to guests.
The package includes :
Our packages include all transport from the designated starting point, all guide wages and insurance, all food and drink, all the facilities in the village including sightseeing, cultural programs and community donations and any permits or entry fees that may be required. The only extra that you can possibly spend are on the purchase of locally made handicrafts.
Packages :
The packages start and end in Pokhara. Once you leave town all of your expenses are covered by the package price. Customized packages can be arranged on request.
The standard package is three nights/four days starting after breakfast at Pokhara and finishing back in Pokhara late afternoon on day four. Extensions are always possible on request. If you are starting your journey from Kathmandu we can arrange accommodation and transport to connect with your village visit. We can arrange extended trekking and sightseeing itineraries that also include the village visit, ask us for details. This is the typical Gurung villager where you won't get hot showers, television, beer, hamburgers, and rubbish on the trail and thousands of tourists.
Only you will get the delicious local food and drink, comfortable accommodation, quite and peace environment, heartily welcome and the cultural experience of a lifetime.
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